Senior Adults for Greater Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to unite youth and seniors in their quest to enrich education and leave a legacy for future generations.


For over two decades, we have been perfecting our program – from developing a nearly 100% successful matching process to educating volunteers, teachers, and administrators on how to get the most out of their relationships. Our support staff is here to make sure that volunteers are recruited, interviewed, trained and then connected with the opportunities where they will be most successful. We encourage both our volunteers and staff to provide feedback that will contribute to the success of the program. Our volunteers are followed throughout the year with check-in’s to make sure that the match works for both the volunteer and the teacher. Our manual is customized for each school and provided for our volunteers so that expectations and responsibilities are clear and concise.  A contract is signed by the volunteers to formalize and acknowledge the understanding of the procedures and policies. 


Our administrative board of volunteers is constantly pursuing the grant opportunities that allow us to offer our program at a minimal cost to the districts, as we understand the impact of budget constraints. The cost of a volunteer coordinator can be a substantial annual expense. The S.A.G.E. program offers the same service – in addition to our years of experience – at a significantly lower cost to the district. Utilizing the expertise of the older community members for the benefit of the schools allows all community members to feel connected and a part of the educational process! At the conclusion of the school year a celebration is provided to commemorate the successful relationships that were formed or deepened throughout the year. This furthers the commitment of our volunteers and their teacher partners to continue in each successive year.


S.A.G.E. was recognized as 2018 Program of Distinction by Generations United.


S.A.G.E. was recognized as a partner program by Gen2Gen.

Executive Director

Beryl Katz


Program Coordinator

Kathi Sherzer


Board of Directors

Constance Woulard, President(Divisional Director of Nursing/Utilization Management, Wellpath Recovery Solutions)

Robert Abel, Jr., Vice President(Chief Academic Officer, Abraham Lincoln University; Principal, Psyched Consulting, LLC.)


Brad Pedrow, Secretary(Senior Consultant, Veeva Systems)

Joseph A. Menard, Treasurer

- - - -

Pamela Hall, Board Member
(Chief Revenue Officer, 8th Sensus - Global Technology Platform, AI Security)


Marilyn Harris, Board Member
(S.A.G.E. Volunteer)

George Lucaci, Board Member(Global Head of Distribution, FolioBeyond; Former President Summit, NJ Board of Education)

Nancy K. Matteo, Board Member(President, Saint Andrew Catholic School)


Paul Teufel, Board Member
(Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley)


Noah Treshnell, Board Member
(Founder of D.O.B. – Date of Birth, Inc.)




Advisory Board
Fmr Governor Edward G. Rendell 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo
Mayor of Bensalem Township

Mr. Dick Goldberg
Director of the Coming of Age Initiative, Temple University

Helaine Hudson

Founder at HSquared Business Solutions | Hudson Legal Operations

Sherri Kosterlitz
Former Educator, Philadelphia School District

Noah Treshnell

D.O.B. , Inc.