Rights + Responsibilities

Volunteer Rights

Each S.A.G.E. volunteer should:

  • Expect that all efforts will be made to offer your first choice as a location for your volunteer experience.

  • Be offered an orientation regarding the volunteer process. You will receive clear instructions and training if needed for your assignment.

  • Be given meaningful jobs, and treated as a respected co-worker. We hope you will feel that the time you spend is worthwhile and contributes to the overall value of the educational program.

  • Be greeted the first time and shown where the rest rooms and the nurse’s office are located and provided a phone number to call if you will be late or unable to make your assignment.

  • Be introduced to key staff members and students.

  • Be treated with respect and consideration by students and staff.

  • Be given an appropriate placement where your talents and skills are needed and will be valued.

  • Be offered an effective mechanism for two-way communication with staff, including direct support from staff if difficulties should arise.

  • Have fun, experience personal satisfaction and look forward to your time with the students.

  • Meet new people and make new friends.

  • Be an integral part of the S.A.G.E. team.

  • Have a better understanding of your community.

  • Feel good about helping.


You are encouraged to offer feedback on your volunteer experience. We want to be sure that our volunteers be all properly recognized for the outstanding work they do, and we welcome your suggestions for future events and/or placements.

Volunteer Responsibilities


Each S.A.G.E. volunteer should:

  • Remember that the principal has the ultimate responsibility for all personnel, policy and programs in his/her school including volunteers.

  • Follow the policies of your assigned school (i.e. signing in procedures).

  • Be reliable. Accepting a school volunteer assignment means a regular commitment to be there -- the students and teacher look forward to your time with them. Volunteers should call the school if they are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

  • Be punctual. Notify the school in advance if you have to be absent or late.

  • Assist under the direction of qualified staff following their instruction closely.

  • Remember that volunteers are in the school to assist and supplement – not replace the role of paid staff.

  • Be receptive to, and participate in, orientation and training.

  • Offer constructive feedback on your volunteer experience to S.A.G.E. and the school when asked.

  • Remember that you are a role model for students and the school community. It is expected that you will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics.