What Can Volunteers Do? 

No matter what your background, everyone has an experience or expertise that can add value to the school day. Volunteers are placed throughout the year.

 VOLUNTEERS CAN    Read to a student • Listen to a child read • Help edit a writing assignment • Brainstorm about a writing assignment • Help with handwriting • Review math facts • Help students for whom English is not their primary language • Assist with preparation for the PA assessment exams • Discuss current events help with art projects • Model for an art class • Help in science class • Serve as a judge for a science competition • Help in computer class • Help/play with the band • Sing with the chorus • Help as a library assistant • Assist with grading papers • Help in a foreign language class • Mentor a student • Lend your hands to shop class • Serve as a guest lecturer • Help with drama productions • Work in the secret shop • Work in the school store • Sew costumes for school plays • Help in the music department • Chaperone a school trip • Share a hobby • Assist with life skills • Help students with interviewing techniques • Help with graduation project • Offer assistance in sewing class • Help in the nurse’s office • Start a knitting club • Start a chess club • Begin a gardening club • Be host for the television show • Assist with web site • Help organize the end of the year appreciation • Make centerpieces for the recognition event • Enrich the education for gifted students • Be an oral historian • Share your experiences as a veteran • Help with the wrestling team share your travel experiences • Be a speaker for career day • Work together with the class with a community service project • Help recruit your friends to share their experiences • Serve on a steering committee to plan new events read books onto tapes • Help with assembly programs • Help backstage with productions • Assist with the holiday feast • Help with craft projects • Help with intergenerational spelling bee • Provide musical accompaniment at concerts write articles for newsletter • Take photos of events • Storytelling • Pitch in with mailings and newsletter • Help in the cafeteria • Be a lunch buddy • Be a judge at mock trials • Offer an assembly • Assist in after school activities • Share your culture, if you are foreign born • Share your professional knowledge speak to a health class • Share information about aging, or staying young at heart • Bring your pet to school • Make recipes from your childhood to share with a class • Bring in old toys for the “electronic generation” to see • Learn from students • Take a computer class • Get your neighbors involved • Attend concerts • Attend and support district sports teams • Come see a play • Talk at a school board meeting • Help with fundraising events • Help spread the word about S.A.G.E. at senior fairs • Talk to your homeowners association about S.A.G.E. • Be a friend and mentor • Help a special needs student • Learn about education in the 21st century • Help with student council • attend a geography bee • Help with a service project • Be a role model  • Help reduce the “generation gap” and show kids that 55+ is a great time of life • Write book reviews to encourage reluctant readers • Blog with the kids chaperone a concert or play • Start or participate in a book club • Join a PTO and attend meetings so your voice is heard • Start a homework, math or (fill in the blank) _____ club • Conference with students about what they’re writing and reading • Help a child with reading comprehension strategies • Help a child realize the wonder of learning • Volunteer at or attend a fun fair • Use your culinary skills to donate baked goods for a fun fair or other fundraiser challenge students to beat you in “math fact challenge” • Dare students to think about math/reading, etc. differently • Direct (or assist) a play production • Help the IST (instructional support teacher) teacher and reading specialist with clerical duties • Make a difference in a child’s life by simply listening and giving much needed 1-on-1 attention • Be the person you always wished you had to encourage you in school • Join an elementary school “fit club” and show students an example of why moving the body at every age is important • YOUR (better) idea!