Our Program

Senior Adults for Greater Education (S.A.G.E.™) custom matches community members, aged 55 and better, with fulfilling volunteer opportunities within their local school districts. 

  Students        S.A.G.E.  

An extra set of hands in the classroom means more personalized attention for every student. Our volunteers have helped students “catch up” to the rest of the class when they’ve fallen behind; provided extra challenges to advanced students to keep them engaged; and assisted students for whom English is a second language. In addition to the academic benefits, the one-on-one attention has helped students become more confident, exhibit better manners, and become more comfortable around other generations. 

IN 2017-18, S.A.G.E. PROVIDED $137,253* 

*According to the US Independent Sector's calculation of the value of a volunteer hour

  Teachers       S.A.G.E.  

We know this because more than 95% of teachers request the same volunteer in their classroom year after year – some pairings have even been together for the two decades that we've been in operation! Weekly volunteers give teachers the ability to provide more individualized attention to their students, while specialty volunteer placements help teachers bring lesson plans to life by calling on their past professional and personal experiences. Ongoing volunteer training throughout the year ensures that our volunteers have the knowledge and know-how to participate in the modern classroom. 

  Seniors        S.A.G.E.  

Volunteers come to us for a number of reasons: they are looking for a way to remain active and involved in their community, S.A.G.E. offers seniors the unique opportunity to play a meaningful role in the educational system long after their own children have graduated and to remain active and engaged in their communities.


To unite youth and seniors in an effort to enrich education and leave a legacy for future generations.


  S.A.G.E. School Districts  

Our volunteers are currently in elementary, junior high, and high school classrooms in five districts throughout Bucks County. 

Council Rock School District
since 1998
Hatboro-Horsham School District
since 2013
School District
since 2014
St. Andrew
School District
since 2012

  How It Works  

Bring S.A.G.E. to your school in six simple steps.



We'll introduce the program to teachers & building administrators at a single on-site kick-off meeting.



Our favorite part – and the most important – we create custom pairings between teachers and volunteers based on teacher requests and volunteer expertise and availability.



After announcing the program in local media, we will host an informational breakfast for interested seniors.



We will provide handouts for students to bring home to introduce their parents to the volunteers who will be in their classrooms.



S.A.G.E. will manage the process of procuring background checks and security clearances for all volunteers.*


& Train

Throughout the school year, we will match new volunteers with positions,  provide ongoing assistance as needed, and hold training sessions to help our volunteers add even more value to your school.

*Districts may opt to handle background checks and security clearances internally.



S.A.G.E. volunteers provide our participating districts with more than $138k annually in value*. We keep our overhead costs low by employing just one full-time staff member and relying on a volunteer board of directors to make it as accessible as possible for all districts. 


  Program Costs - Year 1  
$2,000 district fee + $2,000 fee per active school

  Program Costs - Year 2+  
$2,000 district fee + $500 per active school fee


For a district with 3 active schools, the first year cost would be $8,000. ($2,000 + 3 x $2,000). In Year 2 and beyond, the cost would be $3,500/year ($2,000 + 3 x $500).


Fees include:
Initial Program Set Up

Recruitment support, staff education, volunteer education

Program and Volunteer Insurance

Screenings for All Senior Volunteers

Volunteer Matching

at the start of the school 
year and throughout as needed

Continuing Volunteer Training

Training modules on academic and social subjects relevant to the classroom

Ongoing support


*Based on the US Independent Sector statistic for the value of the volunteer hour