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There are no causes more worthy than education, community, and tolerance. By supporting Senior Adults for Greater Education, you will be supporting all three.


By breaking down the barriers that exist between generations, and creating a venue through which the generations can interact and learn from each other, the possibilities for success and lifelong learning are endless. Your contribution will help ensure that these opportunities are available for students and seniors.


Senior Adults for Greater Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  Ways to Give  

Gifts of Cash These may take the form of one-time donations or outright pledges. Outright pledges with payments extended over an agreed length of time are encouraged as the easiest way to support S.A.G.E.


Gifts of Assets (e.g. Stocks, Real Estate, Retirement Plans) Designating S.A.G.E. as a beneficiary of a Retirement Plan such as an IRA, Keogh, or 401K, enables you to maximize your support while presenting unique tax advantages.


Bequests The simplest and most flexible deferred giving vehicle enables you to provide for S.A.G.E. in your will.


Gifts of Life Insurance Premium payments can be completely tax deductible for life insurance policies designating S.A.G.E. as the beneficiary. Tax benefits are also associated with gifts of paid-up life insurance policies.


Income Producing Trusts You may choose to make a donation and retain an income-interest for the rest of your life or a period of years. These donations offer several tax benefits while ultimately building S.A.G.E.’s endowment fund.