Volunteer Training


That is why S.A.G.E. offers periodic trainings throughout the year on topics from reading comprehension to special education. These trainings make our volunteers even more valuable in the classroom.

We are thrilled to be able to offer expert-led training sessions free of charge to our volunteers on a variety of topics relevant to the modern classroom. Some trainings that we have offered include:


Identifying and Responding to Bullying in the Classrooom Teaching volunteers how to recognize the signs of bullying and what to do about it.
facilitated by The Peace Center


Ages + Stages Teaching volunteers what to expect from students in different grades, behaviorally and academically.


Math Strategies Helping volunteers understand modern approaches to math in order to prepare them for the classroom.


Mandatory Reporting Teaching volunteers when and how to report suspected abuse.


facilitated by the Network of Victim Awareness

Reading Comprehension Giving volunteers tools and approaches for assisting with reading in the classroom.



NOVA Darkness Into Light Helping volunteers identify and prevent sexual abuse and how to react properly if it occurs
facilitated by the Network of Victim Awareness


Stress, Emotions and the Mentoring Relationship Helping volunteers understand the stress that children deal with and tips and strategies for dealing with it in the classroom.
facilitated by PeacePraxis Educational Services



If there is a topic that you'd be interested in learning about more, or a training that you'd like to offer, let us know.